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Director's Desk

Director's Desk

Nidhi Bhavin Vyas (Owner)

Completed my master’s in commerce M.Com degree from Gujarat University and also had a graduated from Gujarat University. Being a self employed person where My main motto is to do analyse, Planning and innovation for Packaging Industries where our products gets recognized in the market. I have been more focused on Sales, Marketing and Innovative upgradation of products to meet the client requirements.
  • Professional Objective
  • Marketing Responsibilities
  • Business Management
  • Diversified Skill Set

Professional Objective

As a self-employed professional, my primary focus is on effectively marketing products, prioritizing strong branding strategies to ensure their recognition and success in the market. I am dedicated to meeting client requirements through tailored marketing approaches.

Marketing Responsibilities

I oversee all promotional and marketing activities, from designing new products to executing targeted promotional campaigns. Building lasting relationships with clients is at the core of my approach.

Business Management

In addition to marketing, I have established efficient systems to ensure the smooth operation of the business, allowing for seamless day-to-day management.

Diversified Skill Set

Beyond marketing, I actively engage in various other aspects of the business such as manufacturing, accounts, and finance. This adaptability enables me to respond effectively to changing demands.

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